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Linen Bedding Sets, 100% Pure Linen, UK


100% linen bedding sets

Our linen has got Confidence in Textiles certificate issued by Hohenstein Institute which declare that it was tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex © Standard 100

Pure linen bedding sets

The linen is being made under a certified quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001-2009

A quote

"...The flax was in full bloom. It had such pretty blue blossoms, as soft as the wings of a moth, and even more delicate. And the sun shone down on the flax, and the rain clouds watered it, and that was as good for it as it is for little children to be bathed and kissed by their mothers-it makes them look so much prettier, and so it did the flax.

"People say that I stand exceedingly well," said the flax, "and that I am growing so charmingly tall that I'll make a grand piece of linen. Oh, how happy I am! No one could possibly be happier! How well off I am! And I'm sure I'll be put to some good use, too. The sunshine makes me so cheerful, and the rain tastes so fresh! I'm exceedingly happy; yes, I'm sure I'm the happiest being in the world!..."


Hans Christian Andersen's "Hørren" ("The Flax")

about flax

Flax - a truly unique creation of nature, sung in songs and legends of our region. The word "county" in all languages means stalks and fiber, yarn and fabric. It is immediately associated with the amazing properties of this material. Flax is much stronger than cotton, twice more resistant to degradation in the world, products from flax beautifully kept, well tolerated temperature changes and the most stringent wash, and then become softer, whiter and longer cling to the body, flax highly hygroscopic, absorbs moisture and at the same time quickly gives it dries. On the linen cloth is formed static electricity. These and other properties make flax beneficial to human health, and articles thereof (bedding, clothing, towels, furnishings, etc.). - Easy to use.Consumer properties of flax are so high that comparison with other natural fibers is always in his favor. It is scientifically proven that people suffering from skin diseases, nothing can be compared with flax. Flax linen does not clog pores, provides good ventilation of the skin, it contributes to a more intensive blood circulation, stimulate the body and reduce fatigue. Scientists have proved that the use of linen clothes prevents a number of diseases, as with rare flax has antibacterial properties - no bacteria or fungus on it do not get along, and yet, linen fabric weakens gamma radiation almost twice.

Clothes made of linen fabrics is simply indispensable in the hot summer days, as with clothes from flax cooler. It does not matter that in the process of socks pure flax fabric wrinkled, this is not a disadvantage, and dignity, because it is a sign of the natural origin of the material. Abroad, slightly rumpled jacket describes its owner as a stylish, respectable man who has a solid position in society.Flax linen, diapers, sheets, summer clothing is very useful for children. In the process of socks is not yellow and does not age, and only becomes whiter and more pleasant. Linen fabrics can be boiled and ironed with a hot iron, which ensures a high degree of sterilization.Linen towels, napkins willingly used in the household. Linen cloth never leave the glass no villi.Widely used linen fabrics for interior decoration: the manufacture of curtains, wallpaper, wall coverings and furniture. The specific properties of flax create a micro-climate in the premises of increased comfort.


Unique medical and hygienic properties of flax are known for a long time. At the beginning of the XIX century, doctors in Western Europe as a general therapeutic treatment offered to wear on the body of coarse linen. At the beginning of the XX century by wrapping the body in a wet linen cloth had been treated for paralysis, gout, kidney stones, fever, hypertension. To stop bleeding front-line hospitals in the I-st World War II used the linen bandages. Later, after the II-nd World War, has been installed capacity of flax fibers actively oppress vital activity of pathogenic micro-flora - linen fabric is largely delayed the growth and multiplication of colonies of fungi and microbial was more pronounced as compared to the absorption of cotton cloth. In clinical trials it was found that linen and cotton gauze products and dressings have high hemostatic effect and wrapping of the body with a damp linen cloth helps clean the body of toxins.